Weird Chinese Food

In this post, Nick talks about some of the weird Chinese food he's tried during his trips through China over the last twenty years. Guest Post by Nick Fulford. Night markets in China are a good place to find some weird Chinese foods! A self confessed foodie One of my favourite ways to experience the culture of a country is through food. I would regard eating as one of my hobbies and I am lucky that my overlanding…


10 Reasons to visit China

Love it or hate it, China is an incredible country. China is a vast place to visit with many amazing sights to see. From man made feats of engineering like the Great Wall to natural wonders such as the geothermal springs at Huanglong, there are certainly plenty of options for any traveler. If you're looking for some inspiration to visit China then here are 10 photographs that might encourage you to book that ticket. Know before you go…


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