Do you want a career working in the Mountains?

Here’s how I got a career working in the mountains

In January 2009 I quit my regular job and headed off to the Canadian Rockies with dreams of endless snowboarding weighing heavy on my mind. What was meant to be just a 3 month break turned into an incredible 5 years, living and working in North America. Here is a short article I produced for Non-Stop a few years back about my time in the mountains. If you have any questions about how to start your career working in the mountains shoot me a message!

A view of Lake Tahoe, California in the snow. One place where I had a career working in the mountains
Lake Tahoe, California
Take a look at this video of Spring in Tahoe
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Louise is an overland leader from South Wales who runs adventure tours in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Louise is trained in mountain leadership and has a passion for photography.

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